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Who we are:

'Smart Sherpas' is a Tokenization Platform & Advisory services firm which helps businesses to tokenize, securitize and trade their assets through the use of blockchain technology and smart contract automation.

Our mission:

#ENABLE businesses to digitize their assets and raise capital through the issuance of regulatory-compliant security tokens and security token offerings (STOs).
#EMPOWER investors around the globe through access to fractional ownership rights in the form of security tokens.
#IMPROVE existing capital markets through the use of DLT technology to disintermediate transactions, eliminate existing friction and inefficiencies.
#CREATE new markets and liquidity through unlocking the potential of the Alternative Assets class.

By the numbers:

Trillions of dollars of financial assets will transition to blockchain in the next 10 years.


Global Real Estate
Market (Trillion)


Global Debt & Equity
Markets (Trillion)


Global Alternative
Assets (Trillion)

State of the industry:

What is Security Token Offering (STO)?

Token Offerings vs. IPO market

Security Tokens are essentially converted rights to an asset or to an economic benefit in the form of a programmable token powered by a self-executing smart contract on a blockchain.  Technological advances enabled the origination of a nascent industry of Smart Securities, including debt and equity security tokens.

Security Token Offerings to the public are known as STOs. In 2018 token offerings accounted for 11%+ of the global IPO market and are effectively posing a challenge to the current status quo in the financial services industry.

  • Funds raised via Token Offerings ($21.4 Billion)
  • Funds raised via IPOs ($188.8 Billion)

Token Offerings' Share
of Global IPO Market

The promise of DLT

Why Tokenize?

24/7/365 Market Access

Participants have direct access to market round the clock, 365 days of the year from anywhere in the world. There’s no “pre-market” or “after-hours”, the market is ALWAYS ON.

Instant Execution

The use of DLT and self-executing smart contracts enables instant settlement of transactions instead of the 2-5 day settlement period prevalent today in traditional capital markets.

Low Costs

Lowering a company’s cost of capital by leveraging the benefits of blockchain to raise funds, removing inefficient intermediaries, and bypassing the clutter and redundancy of existing financial industry infrastructure.


Security Tokens powered by self-executing smart contracts streamline complex conditional transactions via their standardization and automation, including accelerated KYC, compliance, corporate events voting, dividend distribution, and much more.

Greater Liquidity

Tokenization of previously inaccessible assets creates new markets and increases the efficiency of the existing markets via greater liquidity and improved price discovery mechanisms. More accurate asset valuations help determine the true depth of the markets.

Fractional Ownership

DLT technology allows for an unprecedented degree of fractionalizing of the ownership rights of an asset without triggering incremental cost. This makes investing in the asset more affordable to a bigger pool of retail investors, i.e. creating new markets and increasing their depth.

Regulatory Compliance

By following legal frameworks which regulate securities, STOs ensure full compliance of the offerings, while the transparency of public ledgers provides easy access for audit. It gives investors peace of mind that their record of ownership is secure and under full protection of the law.


DLT technology enables a decentralized record of ownership, which eliminates the need for a central authority to guarantee safety or accuracy of such a record. This provides businesses & investors with financial freedom and mobility to participate in the world economy by-passing multiple layers of costly financial intermediaries.


Blockchain technology offers a new degree of freedom to businesses looking to raise capital. Distributed and inclusive nature of the technology empowers millions of investors around the globe and makes access to investment opportunities truly democratized, i.e. non-discriminatory.


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