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Our Team

The K-Advantage

Smart Sherpas project was started in 2017 by then-students of one of the worlds top-ranking Executive MBA programs at Kellogg School of Management and members of the Blockchain Club with 150+ active members around the globe. Today, Smart Sherpas’ growing team is staffed with seasoned executives who have on average 15+ years of experience. It is our intention to continue to leverage the alumni network in the following three ways to build a competitive edge against the competition:

  • Leverage the world’s most powerful alum network of 60,000+ seasoned executives in 120+ countries to build the pipeline of asset digitization projects.
  • Access to top business talent and executives for professional advice and internal staffing needs.
  • Build on learnings, past work and development resources from the K-coin private blockchain initiative, that was created for academic purposes by the members of the Blockchain Club and supported by 100+ nodes and Masternodes around the globe.

Kellogg non-affiliation clause:

‘Smart Sherpas’ represents and warrants that neither ‘Smart Sherpas’ nor its principals or subsidiaries are affiliated with Kellogg School of Management or Northwestern University. ‘Smart Sherpas’ have no ownership interest in Kellogg School of Management-Northwestern University (Kellogg). Kellogg has no ownership interest in ‘Smart Sherpas’. There is no agreement pursuant to which ‘Smart Sherpas’ would merge or consolidate with Kellogg.

Core Team

  • Gene Swinton
    Gene Swinton

    Chief Executive Sherpa

A business strategist with over 2 decades of extensive management, leadership & entrepreneurial international experience in multinational corporations across multiple industries including telecommunications, motion picture, CPG, QSR, Real Estate development and Fixed Income Investments.

Graduated from top-ranking Executive MBA program at Kellogg School of Management.

Co-founder & Steering Committee member of K-Coin blockchain supported by 150+ alumni, students and professors of Kellogg School of Management.

  • Max Ryans
    Max Ryans

    Chief Technology Sherpa

Seasoned IT professional with expertise in IT Strategy, Digital Transformation, Blockchain & AI. 20 years of experience in Asset Management, Insurance and Banking industries leading international teams in Asia, the United States & Canada.

Graduated from top-ranking Executive MBA program at Kellogg School of Management.

Co-founder & Steering Committee member of K-Coin blockchain supported by 150+ alumni, students and professors of Kellogg School of Management.

  • Iryna Yakimets
    Iryna Yakymets

    Chief Financial Sherpa

Senior professional with 15+ years of global banking experience in infrastructure direct lending & portfolio management across Canada (Ontario), Eastern Europe, SEMED, Central Asia.

Knowledge of the entire spectrum from public /subsidized/ development finance structures and borrowers to fully commercial and stand-alone ones.

Graduated from top-ranking Tulane MBA program, ACCA.

  • Anton Lymar
    Anton Lymar

    Legal Counsel

20+ years of practice as Attorney at Law with multinational law firms and financial institutions, concentrating primarily in corporate and securities laws, including securitization.

Master of Laws (LL.M.) from the University of Illinois College of Law and Degree in Law from Kyiv National University, Ukraine

  • Blank profile
    TBC-Future Hire

    Investment Banking

Future hiring with equity allocation:

Fully licensed and accredited with 10+ years of experience Investment Banking professional

  • Female Grey
    TBC-Future Hire

    Marketing & B. Development

Future hiring with equity allocation:

Branding, PR & Digital Marketing professional with 5+ years of experience

Strategic Advisors

  • Yehuda Chumak
    Yehuda Chumak

    An accomplished FinTech leader with 17 years of experience building investment technology platforms with deep expertise in the fixed income markets

  • Linda Darragh
    Linda Darragh

    The Larry Levy Executive Director and Clinical Professor at The Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University. Kellogg Innovation and Entrepreneurship Initiative.

  • Sarit Markovic
    Sarit Markovic

    Clinical Associate Professor of Strategy and FinTech markets at The Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University. Ph.D. in Economics

  • Jose M. Liberti
    Jose M. Liberti

    Associate Professor of Finance at DePaul University & seasoned Investment Banking professional. Ph.D. in Economics

  • Enna Weng
    Enna Weng

    FinTech expert with 15+ years of experience in Capital Markets. Wells Fargo. Kellogg Executive MBA

  • Tori Minevich
    Tori Minevich

    Vice President Business Operations at Connor, Clark & Lunn Private Capital Ltd. Kellogg Executive MBA

  • Georges Nasr
    Georges Nasr

    Vice President at 1251 Capital Private Equity. Kellogg Executive MBA.

  • Aurel Lonian
    Aurel Lonian

    Vice President of Business Banking at BMO, Kellogg Executive MBA

  • Eli Yarimenko
    Eli Yarimenko

    Director, Capital Markets & Treasury at Alliance Data. Kellogg Executive MBA

Legal & Compliance Advisors

  • Annie Torka
    Annie Torka

    Vice-President, Legal Affairs, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary at Stornoway Diamond Corporation. LL.B., Kellogg Executive MBA.

  • Tres Garcia
    Tres Garcia

    Compliance & Risk Evaluation at JP Morgan, Kellogg Executive MBA

  • Cecile S. Chung
    Cecile S. Chung

    General Counsel & Corporate Secretary at Samuel, Son & Co. LL.B, Kellogg Executive MBA

Blockchain, IT Strategy & Cybersecurity Advisors

  • A. Campana
    A. Campana

    Smart Contracts & Blockchain Integration. Kellogg Executive MBA.

  • Tobias
    Tobias Temen

    Managing Director at Aries Digital, Kellogg Executive MBA

  • Andrey Feldman
    Andrey Feldman

    Chief Product and Technology Officer at Sprout. Kellogg Executive MBA.

Industry, Pursuit & Opportunity Assessment Advisors

  • Sergei Palkin
    Sergei Palkin

    Sports Industry Advisor, Chief Executive Officer at FC “Shakhtar”

  • A. Kharitonchuk
    A. Kharitonchuk

    Sports Industry Advisor, Legal Department Head at FC “Shakhtar”

  • Yuriy Sviridov
    Yuriy Sviridov

    Sports Industry Advisor, Marketing Department Director at FC “Shakhtar”

  • Anurag Gupta
    Anurag Gupta

    Partner & KPMG, Global Lead for Power - Infrastructure. Tulane MBA.

  • Julia Bossis
    Julia Bossis

    Communication and Pursuits Strategist at Ernst & Young, Lazardis MBA

  • Kelvin Lam
    Kelvin Lam

    Insurance Industry, Senior Manager at Deloitte. Kellogg Executive MBA.

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