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In 2017-2018 the explosive growth of blockchain technology triggered explosive growth of democratized new methods for capital formation, i.e. Initial Token Offerings. Smart Sherpas chose to operate in the segment of Security Token offerings where investor rights are the most protected by the existing securities laws as well as by the new regulatory frameworks which were designed to govern virtual assets on a blockchain. By applying traditional business logic and valuation techniques to prepare a client company for a Private or Public Offering we help them attract professional investors to raise funds. By following regulatory frameworks Smart Sherpas ensure full compliance in the applicable jurisdiction(s).

We foresee long-term benefits of the DLT technology in the Finance & Capital Markets industry. Scroll down to learn more about our four areas of expertise.

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Our Expertise

Smart Sherpas Advisory was founded by graduates from one of the worlds top-ranking Executive MBA programs. Our growing team is staffed with seasoned executives with  15+ years of experience on average. Our ‘Sherpas” will navigate you through all the preparatory stages for a Security Token Offering across the following four areas of expertise:

STO Strategy Review & Advisory

Launching a public STO is a major milestone. During the Discovery Phase of our process, we work with your management team to determine the objectives and evaluate alternatives in the Private Markets (PE, VC or strategic corporate M&A) against launching a public STO Offering.


While planning and execution of an STO offering take 4-6 months, preparation for a successful STO takes a longer period of time and requires a consistent track-records of financial performance. Smart Sherpas Advisors will work closely with you to conduct due diligence and valuations to determine the best strategy for the offering, identify price scenarios, test market conditions and identify capital raising potential.

Blockchain & Smart Contracts

Our development teams with competency in DLT technology are located in Ukraine, Belarus, Slovakia and India and able to address your unique requirements.


We are able to offer our clients a wide range of solutions ranging in complexity from simple token creation leveraging templates on STO Sherpas’ platform to custom implementations. Our SmartSec™ Technology enables the creation of pre-programmed self-executing Smart Securities (a.k.a. SmartSec™) powered by smart contracts on blockchain: e.g. instant voting by debt or equity holders during referendums and corporate events.

Legal & Regulatory

Our advisory team will collaborate with your management team and our trusted legal partner in the jurisdiction(s) of the Security Token Offering to conduct a legal assessment of the project.  Your assigned lead advisor will optimize costs by facilitating the process of preparing legal documentation for the Offering and filing with the Regulator(s).


Through our advice, we’ll help you navigate regulations in the unchartered territory of the nascent crypto industry across multiple jurisdictions in Asia, 27 countries of the European Union and the UK. In North America we offer support for the following types of securities offerings:


  • Brand new MiCA regulation for 27 EU jurisdictions
  • Reg. CF (Crowdfunding) with a fundraising target of up to $5 million
  • Reg. D targeting accredited investors and HNW individuals
  • Reg. A (+) “mini-IPO”  to raise up to $75 million from the general public

STO Marketing & Solicitation

Marketing securities offerings is subject to financial industry promotion regime established by the regulator and must be complied with. Our Advisors will work with you to develop the best marketing strategy for your offering, develop key marketing points for the offering, and create investor kit for the roadshow.


For your Private Sale to get traction with sophisticated/accredited and institutional investors, Smart Sherpas Advisors will leverage our own list of investors. For Public Offerings, our advisors will devise tailor-made marketing strategies and deploy cost-efficient digital marketing techniques including SEO & re-targeting, email list advertising, targeted PPC, Social Media, PR, community management, industry events and more to help you achieve your fundraising target.

Our Pricing

Smart Sherpas Advisory pricing model has attributes of the traditional investment banking fee structure with two layers: a non-refundable flat fee consulting retainer and a percentage success fee dependent on the size of the transaction, type of capital raised and overall complexity of the offering.

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