How it Works

Key steps for tokenizeing an asset on our platform

How it Works

'Smart Sherpas' STO Platform and Marketplace.

‘Smart Sherpas’ STO platform and a marketplace is where issuers, advisors, and investors effectively collaborate. The platform enables businesses to follow a simple step-by-step process of i) digitizing assets on a public ledger,  ii) securitization of the fractional ownership rights to the economic benefits of an asset, and iii) offering it to the investors in the form of a regulatory compliant Security Token Offering (STO) to raise capital. Finally, the platform facilitates regulatory-compliant transactions on the secondary market post-STO.


A 360°-degree Solution

‘Smart Sherpas’ STO platform is an end-to-end solution to plan and execute Security Token Offerings. Its’ highest security standards meet the stringent requirements of both retail & institutional investors.


With STO management tools such as digital signatures, automated compliance, investor accreditation verification, full integration with KYC/AML and custodian service providers, – the investor onboarding process on the platform runs smoothly and seamlessly.

SmartSec™ Technology

SmartSec™ technology focus is on the development of exotic, non-vanilla Smart Securities and programable Tokens powered by smart contracts on a blockchain.


Examples include significant cost reduction and instantaneous voting by equity/debt token holders during corporate event referendums or instant dividend distributions directly to millions of investors’ wallets, – all at a fraction of the cost and bypassing traditional intermediaries.

STO Management Tools

  • Investor profile analysis & whitelisting
  • Secure hosting of STO documentation
  • Automation enabled by digital signatures
  • Investment limits and restrictions,
  • Tools to prevent majority stake accumulation
  • STO progress tracking dashboards
  • Investor relations and Marketing tools
  • 24/7/365 customer support or dedicated Sherpa-advisor

Compliance Procedures

  • KYC/AML checks against OFAC and other databases
  • Full ID Verification
  • Wallet forensics
  • Verification of investor accreditation status
  • Wallet, Country, Entity level blocking capabilities
  • Offerings support under MiCA regulation in EU, and Reg CF, D, A+ in USA
  • Marketing compliant with the financial promotion regime
  • Compliance enforcement of transactions on a secondary market

Our Process

Every industry has its own competitive set and each company has its own story. While we understand that with every new client and every new business case there is a unique set of customized requirements, Smart Sherpas Advisory has developed a standardized process to prepare a client for a successful STO offering.  Our process includes the following 6 steps.



Interviews and exploratory discussions with the client’s management team about the offering size and structure. Understanding the client’s needs and objectives. Consolidation and aggregation of findings. Definition of project requirements and scope of work.



Analysis of findings. Detailed business, financial & legal due diligence, evaluation of market conditions. Entity and beneficiary KYC/AML clearance. Valuation & pricing discussions with the client. Gauging preliminary investor interest to subscribe to the offering.



A collaboration of the client’s team with ‘Smart Sherpas’ advisors to build strategy and prepare the offering, including the development of project roadmap, timeline and costing for legal, technology and marketing stages of the offering.



Preparation of legal documentation and filing with the regulator(s). Drafting Investor Prospectus or Private Placement Memorandum as mandated by the regulatory framework in applicable jurisdiction(s).



Work with ‘Smart Sherpas’ technology advisors to identify technical parameters for the token emission based on the business requirements of the offering. Develop custom smart contracts, issue tokens, test and deploy on the blockchain in preparation for an STO.



Develop a roadshow presentation with key marketing points of the offering, launch marketing campaign to support the offering via general solicitation in the media and industry events or targeted presentations and to the list of accredited & institutional investors.

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